A Musing

Meet Rusty

Soon Rusty will be filing his thoughts about writing. He might also find a few other things to comment on. He isn’t very good at writing himself. His paws are a little inflexible. However, he hopes he will get his thoughts across clearly. He hopes you will grow to love him. Come back soon to find out what he has to say.


4 thoughts on “Meet Rusty”

  1. I like the horizontal-all-four-paws-above-the-ground exit from the castle and the decidedly determined look. Where’d he go? What’s he after? Did the pursuee come out ok?

    1. Great to have your questions, pfaw. You will be relieved to know there was no pursuee. The horizontal all-fours is what is known in the ballet world as a “Grand Pas de Chien”. A leap of pure joy.

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